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What are Car Title Loans?

The Basics You Need to Know about Car Title Loans

You may be wondering, what exactly is a car title loan? How do I qualify for an auto title loan? Is this going to take up too much of my time?

A car title loan is a secured loan where the borrower is able to get money using their vehicle as collateral. We as a lender, place a lien on the vehicle’s title to secure your loan. Once you pay your loan off, we remove the lien, and the title is returned back to you. Most title loans come with rates as high as 200% and terms as low as 6 months. 1 (800) Car-Title® believes in offering a better title loan to its customers. We offer loan payment terms as long as 48 months and rates as low as 59% depending on your vehicle and your ability to repay the loan. After all, you are getting a loan to cover your financial needs, not to put yourself in a financial crisis.

Here at 1 (800) Car-Title®, we want you to feel at ease throughout the title loan approval process. We understand that getting approved for a loan can be difficult, which is why 1 (800) Car-Title® has tried to make the application process fast, secure and easy as possible. By applying for a car title loan today, you could receive an approval in less than 15 minutes and money in about 1 hour. We will also come to to make the process even easier.

Advantages of Getting a Car Title Loan with 1 (800) Car-Title® :

Your credit score is not heavily weighted when you apply for a car title loan. Bad credit? No problem. No Credit? NO Problem. 1 (800) Car-Title® uses the value of your vehicle to determine the amount you can borrow. We then look at your ability to repay to determine the loan terms. And when you make your payments on time, we will try and help you improve your credit score. Most loan companies do not report to credit bureaus. 1 (800) Car-Title® does

and a car title loan with us could help you raise your credit score. Why would you want to get a loan without improving your credit at the same time?

Some car title companies require you to trade in your car for the loan, which is called a car title pawn. 1 (800) Car-Title® allows you to keep possession of your vehicle during the term of your loan, so there’s no problem going about your everyday activities.

Car Title Loans Vs. Payday or Unsecured Loans:

  • The car title loan process is simple and fast
  • Car title loans are easier to qualify for because your car is your credit!
  • If you are near payoff of your vehicle. you can still qualify for a loan
  • The terms of the loan are flexible and based on your needs
  • Car title loans offer lower interest rates over unsecured loans/personal loans

Now let’s get down to what you’re really here for…the cash! You may be wondering how much you can borrow and what you can spend this money on. Depending on the book value of your vehicle, you may be qualified to borrow up to $50,000! Got bills to pay? Having a medical emergency? Unforeseen expenses? Well, you've come to the right place. The cash you receive from your car title loan can be used for anything. There are absolutely no restrictions as to what you can use this money for!

When life has got you down or even if you just need some extra money to spend, 1 (800) Car-Title® is here for you to get you the cash you need right when you need it!

The application process is simple:

  • Fill out your information
  • A knowledgeable and friendly loan officer will walk you through the process
  • You can be approved for your loan within minutes

1 (800) Car-Title® offers the lowest interest rates for auto title loans with the lowest monthly payments and flexible terms. Contact us today to begin your financial freedom!

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