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What are continuing education credits

what are continuing education credits

Attendance at and participation in AACE International meetings, seminars, and Section events allows you to claim continuing education credits for certifications. The good news is that you may be able to obtain credits for other ‘outside’ certifications while you’re attending AACE functions.

Most professional certifications require participatory credits to maintain. This is true for the certifications sponsored by AACE and as well as other organizations such as PMI (PMP certification), CMAA (CCM certification) and even the Registered Architects or State Professional Engineer programs (PE license.) The good news is that you can obtain credits for other ‘outside’ certifications while you are attending AACE functions. Here are some FAQs that could help you on your way!

Q: What is a CEU?

A: CEU stands for Continuing Education Units. We use CEUs for the recertification process. Other groups refer to this as Professional Development Units (PDUs) or Professional Development Hours (PDHs).

Q: What constitutes one CEU?

A: One CEU equals ten contact hours of participation in organized continuing education classes and/or training or meeting. A contact hour is equivalent to one 60-minute interaction between an instructor/presenter and the participant.

Here are examples on how we calculates your recertification credits for your participation:
  1. Your Section meeting includes a technical presentation. For each Section meeting you attend, you receive .25 CEUs. You can claim up to 1.0 CEU per year for Section Meetings.
  2. For Association Events and Non-AACE Courses and Seminars, you receive .10 CEU per hour, so 10 hours would be 1.0 CEU.
Q: What are the attendance requirements in order to receive CEU credit(s)?

A: Many Section meetings (or

other group meetings) have an attendance roster to verify your participation. If this is not the case, you will need to obtain a copy of the meeting agenda or handout from the presenter for documentation.

At conferences or trade shows, like AACE’s Annual Meeting for example, you should receive a blank certificate for participating in the Annual Meeting for your record-keeping proof of CEUs earned. For online or Distance Learning events, certificates are often awarded after the confirmation of complete attendance.

Q: Does my participation in another professional organization’s annual or local section/chapter meetings count toward my Certification CEU credit(s)?

A: Yes! We apply the CEU to your participation in other professional organization’s annual or local events the same way that your participation in AACE’s Annual Meeting or Section meetings are calculated - 0.1 CEUs for each hour of participation.

Q: Does my participation in AACE’s Annual Meeting or Section meetings count toward my required CEUs/PDHs obligations for another professional organization’s recertification credit(s)?

A: Most Likely! Typically other organizations honor the CEUs (or PDHs) you earn for your participation in AACE’s Annual Meeting, Section meetings, publishing/presenting technical papers, committee work, etc. Therefore, attending the AACE Annual Meeting, Section meetings, writing or presenting papers, or serving on AACE’s various committees could also directly be of benefit to you for your continuing education credits or recertification credits with other organizations. Please check with the organization with which you hold a certification to see if they accept AACE’s CEUs for your recertification with them.

PLEASE NOTE: You will be responsible for providing the necessary documentation required to prove that you should get credit for the claimed CEUs/PDUs.

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