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Credit scores are based on the FICO score

Your credit score tells money lenders and credit suppliers just how much of a risk you may be before they lend you their money or extend credit to you.  The credit rating and credit score go hand in hand to offer detailed information regarding everyone’s reliability with finances.  It does not matter who you are; you will have a credit rating and credit score to be accountable for.

As an example, if a person has a  636 credit score this is considered average, not really good yet not actually a bad score.  That score can easily be raised by making payments on time and reducing the amount that person owes to their creditors.  Every time a payment is made late, even by a day or two, it blemishes credit and the score will be lowered.  It’s merely a matter of paying on time and lowering balances as quickly as possible.  That credit score helps those who lend money decide how reliable the borrowers may be regarding their ability to pay back money borrowed, and it will determine how high the interest rate will be when paying on that loan or credit card .

As credit card accounts, car loans. and the like are paid off, the way in which they were paid will determine just how easily and at what cost interest wise borrowing again will be.  Keeping that  637 credit score will help in obtaining another loan but having a score of 700 or better will be even more likely to work and additionally that person will be offered a better rate of interest and that saves money.

Credit scores are based on the FICO score which is the most common scoring system available today.  The scores range from a low of 300 up to 850 while 600 to 700 is where the average person’s rating fits in.  A 636 credit score needs to be raised to over 700 if possible.  Many carry large balances on multiple credit cards and this can hurt the overall score even if they

pay on time.  It is called over extending and means they owe a lot of money to many different sources, and this can become dangerous when something goes wrong such as a serious illness or job loss.

We each have the right to obtain copies of our credit report for free once each year, and should take advantage of that in order to know exactly what information they are giving out.  It is important to keep that credit over 637 credit score.

If you are trying to buy a home it is beneficial to know what is in that credit report because it can mean a huge difference in what will be paid out over the course of a 30 year mortgage.  The lender can charge a higher rate of interest if the borrower’s credit is not immaculate and that can mean many thousands of dollars over the term of a mortgage.

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