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What are credits in university

what are credits in university

1. What qualifications are required to enroll in these online courses offered in co-operation with Portland State University?

Students must possess a bachelor’s degree.

2. Is this a master’s program?

No, but all nine courses are graduate level.

3. Can these courses be used toward a master’s degree?

It depends entirely on the master’s program you are enrolling in. Please consult your master's program advisor.

4. Does Portland State University offer an online master’s program?

No, not at this time.

5. Which NAMC program level are these courses offered for?

Only our Lower Elementary program.

6. How can these courses benefit me?

Existing school teachers use these courses to:

  • Move up their employer's salary grid.
  • Count as professional development credits required to maintain their teaching certificate.

Note: If you are not an existing school teacher it is unlikely that these courses are your best option. We recommend that you return to the Common Questions section of our website.

7. Is Portland State University an accredited university?

Absolutely, PSU enjoys the same level of accreditation as Berkeley, Harvard, Yale, etc.

8. What are some of the unique benefits I will enjoy by taking these courses?

  • These are life-style friendly courses designed for busy professional educators.
  • No travel is required.
  • All books and ancillary costs are included.
  • Students are welcome to take, one, two. or all nine courses.
  • If you successfully complete all nine courses, you will receive 45 graduate level quarter credits (one full year of university).

9. Are you planning to develop university courses for your other levels, i.e. 0-3, 3-6 and 9-12?

No, not at this time.

10. How many courses can I enroll in and which courses are currently being offered?

You can take a total of nine courses. We offer one course every fall, winter and spring session and three courses every summer session. View Courses Offered .

11. How many credits will I earn?

Every course carries five (5) graduate level quarter credits.

12. What is the difference between quarter credits and semester credits?

Universities offer either quarter credits or semester credits.

One five quarter credit course at PSU converts into approximately three semester credits. Registrars and school boards simply multiply quarter credits by two-thirds.

For example, if you complete all nine courses (45 quarter credits), you will earn the equivalent of 30 semester credits. In both cases, this is the equivalent of one full year of university.

E.g. One 5 credit course equals 3.3 semester credits (5 x .66 = 3.3).

13. What is the fee per course?

The fully-inclusive fee for each course is $899.00. The course fee includes curriculum albums, assignments, unlimited tutorial assistance throughout the course, evaluation, voice and electronic feedback, and shipping.

Although NAMC developed and administers these courses, official transcripts are issued directly from PSU.

14. What kind of assignments are required?

Our assignment format includes a series of objective and subjective questions generated from the course material we provide, as well as one video assignment. The video assignment requires the student to videotape themselves teaching a 10 minute lesson to a child of their choice.

15. How will I receive course feedback?

You will receive course feedback via telephone and email.

16. How will I interact with my tutor?

It is completely your choice, either by email or toll-free telephone calls.

17. Are Portland State University’s credits accepted worldwide?

Wherever US university credits are accepted, PSU’s are accepted.

18. What is NAMC’s relationship with Portland State University?

NAMC has been approved to offer these courses in a co-operative effort with PSU’s Graduate School of Education/Department of Continuing Education. Our agreement specifies that we handle everything pertaining to administrative matters, enrollment documentation, and course instruction and evaluation.

You may contact us at for registration information and forms. Complete and mail your forms along with your NAMC payment (US Dollar denominated money order, bank draft, VISA or MasterCard) to NAMC:

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