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Company Insolvency & Winding-Up Advice from Licensed Insolvency Practitioners

what are insolvency practitioners

The sooner you seek advice, the easier it will be to deal with company insolvency, but it is never too late. There are a number of legal procedures designed to make the situation easier for businesses which are struggling to pay debt. Our insolvency practitioners can:

  • Help you see a clear future by reducing or writing-off debts
  • Prevent creditors from pursuing you
  • Give confidential and expert advice for your circumstances
  • Get your business out of an insolvent situation
  • Wind-up your insolvent company with minimal hassle

Call us to speak with a licensed insolvency practitioner who will provide you with their in-depth specialist knowledge free of charge.

Why choose Lucas Johnson?

We understand your situation

Our insolvency team deal with with hundreds of struggling companies every year. They understand the daily problems you face as a director and how tough

the situation can be. They also understand people and the emotional roller coaster you and your staff face in difficult times, and so treat you with the care, respect and confidentiality you deserve.

Experienced at solving problems

We have over 40 years experience of listening, advising, problem solving, winding-up and rescuing businesses. We have a vast amount of company insolvency expertise in a most business areas and have probably dealt with very similar situations to yours on many occasions in the past.

Qualified, regulated, licensed and insured

As licensed insolvency practitioners, we must demonstrate that we have:

    in depth insolvency and legal knowledge sufficient experience and the qualification to be licensed a regulator by whom we are supervised professional indemnity insurance to allow us to practice

So you can rest assured, the advice you are getting is what is best for you.

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