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what are savings and loans

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In the jumbled "alphabet soup" of local bank names, using three letters as shorthand for who we are has traditionally had one purpose: to make our name easy to remember. But what if we could also express what's in it for you, the customer – and what we're out to achieve, as an institution – and somehow manage to capture those things, as well – all in the same three letters? Sounds like a lot to ask, right?

The key, it seems, is to not make it more complicated than it needs to be.

ISB. It's Simply Better.

At the risk of over-simplifying, the idea here is pretty straightforward: let's keep it simple. Let's speak directly to the simply better difference that we are here to make in your life. (Hence, the many specific examples of how we make that difference, which you will find

throughout this website.) Let's focus on the basic things we do to make your banking experience better. Let's raise the bar and make a simple, direct a promise that says, in essence, "When you add it all up, you'll find it is simply better."

At ISB, proving to you that "It's Simply Better" is a challenge we both

welcome and embrace; to be nothing less than the most customer-friendly,


forward-thinking, and

fundamentally four-square financial, anywhere; and to find ways to distill those virtues down to 3 letters,

2 locations, and a single, unwavering commitment:

To make our little corner of Central PA

a "simply better" place for you.

I-S-B. It's. Simply. Better.

Why make it more complicated than it needs to be?

Your "simply better" CEO

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