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what are the 4 credit bureaus

Oh-My-Gawd. -There ARE 4 Credit Bureaus.


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Hi Everyone,

I Just received this letter from my mortage company and thought you'd like to see an excerpt from it-

(BTW: This is a goodwill- type request via telephone on my mortage.)

(This is a resolution of my request to remove 2 (1 X30) lates (circa 2003) from my otherwise PERFECT 14 Year payment history. You can see my other post about it here. http://debt-consolid. pic.php?t=30292 )

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Blah blah blah Street

Blah blah State XXXXXXXX

May 11, 2005



This letter is in response to a request for a credit adjustment. We researched our records and instructed the agencies to make the following changes:

-Remove negative reporting from July through November 2003.


We have submitted the complete Universal Data Form to each of the FOUR major credit bureaus listed below so they may update their records. Please be aware, however, it may take 30 days for the update to reflect on your individual credit report.

CBI (Credit bureau Inc.) Equifax Information Technology

Experian Information Technology

Innovis UDF Processing Center

Trans Union Credit Information Company

If you have questions blah blah blah blah blah.

Don't get me wrong, its not like I doubted what was in the "Good Credit is Sexy" Book or elsewhere on this site, but to see it in writing from a large established company seems so unusual.

BTW: This goodwill removel of two lates form my mortgage was all possible because of the helpful caring people on this site.

Thank you.

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Thanks Revco,

Yes, I have been pleasantly impressed with Wells Fargo in the last year or so. - They really seem to have gotten their act together.

At the time these lates occurred my wife went to the post office to send CMRRR letters (quite frequently because of numberous other WF errors,) and the first time she went to the Postal window, the Clerk said let me quess "Wells Fargo Mortgage". My wife was

speechless ( an unusual condition for her

. ) and when asked how he knew, the clerk said yeah we've getting a lot of these lately, Wells Fargo bought a bunch of mortgages.

So honestly - This wasn't totally our fault.

You're right,

It's crazy how much we are tracked these days.

I have also noticed how much we are tracked these days as well. Heck Just look at the amount of tracking cookies and spyware out on legitimate websites.

I think some of this is backlash to us consumers getting better educated and becoming more astute in our purchases and our credit management.


Thanks again -great to chat with you.

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I was part of the whole First Interstate / Wells Fargo merger awhile back. Wells Fargo "lost" about $5K of my money in the transition and basically made me prove to them it was their mistake. We discovered it was somehow applied to a different account. I changed banks immediately due to obvious concerns.

Glad to see they're getting better and actually are willing to admit and fix their mistakes. That's pretty funny about the CMRRR post office thing.

It's definately scary the amount we're tracked. I just fear that one day all this data is going to be put into one database. Days of privacy be gone. for a fee, anyone can find anything about you and we'll have to spend so much time making sure that data is correct.

I just took a look at my insurance report. over 19 inaccurately reported items, combined identities, and mish-mash of other great new things to deal with. Unfortunately, the rules in that realm aren't hard-and-fast like dealing with the CRA's. Of course, I can't get the best rates on my insurance, not because of my driving record or insurance claims - but because of my credit - go figure. Ooopps. didn't pay a bill seven years ago. screeeech. crash. What's the correlation?

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miracle 16 May 2005

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