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What are the benefits of an fha loan

what are the benefits of an fha loan

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Low Down Payment

Whereas most commercial loans granted since 2008 require you to secure the loan with a significant down payment of 5 to 10 percent, some FHA loans require as little as 3.5 percent down to open the loan.

Loans For More Than the Home Value

The cost of a house is a significant purchase by anyone’s standards, but other costs, such as closing and finance costs, as well as aftermarket repairs and energy efficiency, can easily tack an additional several thousand dollars onto the closing costs of your home. Many closing costs may be incorporated into an FHA loan, and closing costs are regulated by the office of Housing and Urban Development. The FHA routinely

underwrites mortgages to help homeowners pay for costs of repairs needed in older homes.

Forgiving Standards

If you have less than perfect credit, securing a commercial loan may be difficult. Most commercial lenders won’t provide a mortgage to you for five years after a foreclosure, whereas you may be eligible for an FHA loan a mere three years after a foreclosure. Bankruptcy may disqualify you for a FHA loan for several years, but you may be eligible for an FHA loan two years after filing.

Affordable Mortgage Insurance

Because the FHA is guaranteeing your home loan, you’ll be able to tap into favorable mortgage insurance rates that are usually much cheaper than those available if you take out a commercial loan.

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