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What are the current auto loan rates

Auto Loan: Current Auto Loan Rates

Auto Loan. Current auto loan rates have come down since the financial crisis that started in 2007. Getting an auto loan is also a lost easier than it was during the financial crisis when no one could get a loan for any reason let alone to buy a car.

Looking for an auto loan? Search our rate tables for the best auto loans. Auto Loan Rates

Right now, Pentagon Federal Credit Union is still offering the best auto loan rates. We did a search for auto loan rates in Texas and their current auto loan rate is 3.99 percent. That is the best rate in the state of Texas. PenFed’s auto loan rates are also 3.99 perent in all other states.

Next on the list of auto loan rates

for a 60 month new auto loan is Bank of America, their listed rate is 4.10 percent, not a bad rate for a large bank. Third on the auto loan list is USAA FSB, the current rate for their auto loan is 4.39 percent.

Here is the list of the auto loan rates in the state of Texas using the auto loan rate tables on This list of auto rates was based on a 5-year new auto loan in the amount of $30,000.

  1. PenFed 3.990%
  2. Bank of America 4.100%
  3. USAA FSB 4.390%
  4. Frost Bank 5.990% 
  5. Comerica Bank 6.990%
  6. Guaranty Bank 6.990% 
  7. Legacy Bank 7.000%  
  8. Whitney National Bank 7.000%
  9. Wachovia 8.740%

You can find the best auto loan rates by using searching on here:  Auto Loans

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