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What are the current unemployment rate, maximum payable, and EUC status in PA?

what are the current unemployment benefits

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The Pennsylvania unemployment rate is currently at 7.6%.

If you are unemployed and deemed eligible to collect unemployment insurance, you will receive approximately 50% of your weekly wage up to the current weekly maximum of $573 in the state of Pennsylvania. This figure reflects a reduction of 2.3% due to solvency provisions and the system’s low funds. Unemployment benefits are subject to taxation, and you can elect to have monies withheld from your payment.

Unemployed workers are permitted to earn a small stipend in addition to their unemployment check. This information will be disclosed on your Notice of Financial Determination. If you earn more than this allotment (maximum of $230 for those receiving $573 in unemployment compensation), your unemployment payable

amount will be reduced.

On Wednesday, February 22nd, President Obama signed into law the "Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012," which extends EUC benefits through December, 2012. This is good news for the unemployed because with this extension, the EUC benefit table has been updated extending the length of time certain unemployed workers can receive unemployment benefits.

You can view the table indicating when and how benefits will be phased out, and also view the FAQ’s to gain a better understanding of the process.

A great resource to keep up to date on changes and keep an eye on is the Unemployed Workers Site. There is a lot of information and tables to assist with comprehending changes, questions, and information as it occurs.

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