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what are the sources of credit



The following are frequently cited as sources of credit for the Big 3 schools.

Note #1: Each school has its own academic transfer policies and you should confirm any choice of alternate credit with an advisor at your school.

  • AP Exams (ACE-approved  ; available for high school juniors & seniors only; accepted by all of the Big 3 )
  • CLEP (College Level Examination Program; accepted by all of the Big 3 )
  • DSST (DANTES Standardized Subject Test; accepted by all of the Big 3)
  • ECE (Excelsior College Examination; accepted by all of the Big 3) *
  • NYU Foreign Language Proficiency Testing (up to 16 credits transfer to all of the Big 3)
  • TECEP (Thomas Edison Examination Program; accepted by all of the Big 3)
  • UExcel (ACE-approved exams for college credit accepted by all of the Big 3) *
  • Excelsior exams and Uexcel have been combined to form Uexcel ECEP. Uexcel Excelsior College Examination Program

Military Service, Professional Licenses & Misc. Training
  • LearningCounts (Prior Learning Assessments allow you to obtain college credit for knowledge, experience or non-credit training courses you've taken; cost is $379 for initial 12 credits, $250 for each additional 12 credits.  See this discussion for more. NOTE:  According this article. as 1/15/13 ACE is no longer being used but LearningCounts is partnering with several colleges and universities as well as plans on using NCCRS for credit approval.  See their website for more details.)
  • Military service and training can be worth ACE-approved college credit at many schools, including the Big 3.  Click each branch's name for the link to where you'll be able to obtain your service transcript to submit to your school:  Air Force & Air National Guard. Army & Army National Guard. Coast Guard. Navy & Marine Corps . 
  • Professional licences and certifications can be worth college credit at some schools.  Always check with your school's policies to see if they are accepted and how they will transfer in.  For Excelsior College download this PDF  ; for Charter Oak State College click here  ; for Thomas Edison State College see this page .

  • ACT (online courses normally for licensed teachers offered by a private company partnered with California State University, Monterey Bay Extension.  There are unconfirmed reports that anyone can register for these courses and they might transfer to the Big 3 for undergraduate credit.  Check with you school before enrolling.  See this discussion for more.  Cost is $110/credit.)
  • ALEKS (an adaptive AI engine for learning college algebra through pre-calculus; cost is $20/month)
  • CollegePlus (3 LL courses available that are ACE-approved and have proctored final exams.  See this discussion for more.)
  • Coursera   (ACE-approved courses that cost approximately $150-200 and have proctored final exams; 4 courses  have approval for college credit as of 2/8/13.  See this discussion  for more.)
  • DreamDegree (ACE-approved courses that cost approximately $299 each. See this discussion for more.)
  • FEMA (free ACE-approved online courses; normally are used for Free Electives at the Big 3)
  • JAVAOnline (NCCRS-approved JAVA courses with proctored exams costing $140-$700 depending upon how many you sign up for.  See this discussion for more.)
  • National Fire Academy (free ACE-approved courses, normally are used for Free

    Electives at the Big 3)

  • Penn Foster College (a nationally accredited  school with some transferrable credits to the Big 3, as long as .they are ACE-approved; courses are usually under $300 which includes textbooks and materials. See this page for Penn Foster-TESC course equivalencies)
  • Propero (ACE-approved courses with format like that of Straighterline; cost is $299 each)
  • Rechtschaffen Institute of Judaic Studies  (NCCRS-approved courses with a few counted as UL in history, religion, ethics and political science; cost is $50/credit plus $50 proctored final exam fee. Online site is TCC . See this discussion  for more.)
  • Saylor Foundation (NCCRS-approved courses that only cost $25 for proctored final exam; 3 courses have such approval as of 1/18/13.  See this discussion  for more.  Saylor's English Composition II , Microbiology  and Microbiology with Lab courses are available through Straighterline for $99/month subscription and $25 for proctored final exam) 
  • Sophia Learning (ACE-approved courses that cost $110/credit. See this discussion for more)
  • Straighterline (ACE-approved courses with proctored final exams that transfer to many partner colleges, including all of the Big 3; cost is $99/month subscription plus $49/course - science labs have additional costs)
  • Texas A&M Engineering Extension (TEEX) (free ACE-approved online courses in cyber security; 10 courses have such approval as of 1/18/13.  See this discussion for more.)
  • Tor College Credits (NCCRS-approved courses from Coopersmith and Rechtschaffen that test out with one exam, no textbooks needed, cost $50 - $65/credit, Info-Lit for EC $135 for 2 credits, initial enrollment fee depending on number of credits, $25 ProctorU fee, many upper level available. See this discussion .)
  • WorkWorld Learning (ACE-approved self-paced online courses, with unconfirmed reports of unproctored final exams; cost is $540/course)
  • Distance Learning: Community Colleges (take a class at your local or online CC, transfer it in to the Big 3, as long as the CC is regionally accredited and the course is applicable to your degree plan)
  • Distance Learning: 4-Year Colleges (any regionally accredited college course will transfer, as long as it is applicable to your degree plan)
  • Other courses that are reviewed and approved by ACE or NCCRS .

Examples of Colleges Offering Distance Learning Courses

The following are commonly used for coursework credit that is then transferred in to the Big 3.

  • Brigham Young University Independent Study - $157/credit hr.; no state residency requirement. Upper and lower level courses available.
  • CalCampus - $230/credit; no state residency requirement.  Upper Level credit.
  • Clovis Community College - $39/credit residents; $89/credit non-resident. Lower Level courses only.
  • Edukan - $130/credit hr flat fee. Lower Level courses only.
  • Independent Study of Idaho - $100/credit hr flat fee. Upper Level credits available.
  • Kentucky Community & Technical College System - member ternzer recently "guinea pigged" this school and developed a full guide (click here ) on how to get the most out of KCTCS courses in the shortest time possible.
  • Louisiana State University Independent Study - 3 credits $445, 4 credits $595 includes fees.
  • Luna Community College - $35/credit for out-of-state residents for 6 credits per semester.  Lower level courses only.
  • New Mexico Junior College - $89/credit for out-of-state residents.  Lower Level courses only. what are the sources of credit

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