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what are the three main credit bureaus

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A credit bureau is a private company that gathers information from credit providers and courts to update each consumer’s credit history. A credit bureau manages your credit information and payment behaviours indicating how the consumer manages his/her credit.

The credit bureau supplies these records to credit providers, such as banks, retailers every time you apply for credit or some financial services companies.

Were you aware that you are able to compare your credit reports from no fewer than three of the main credit bureaus in South Africa? Get your credit report once online from Kudough who is a registered partner of leading credit bureaus.

It is an excellent idea to compare your credit reports from more than one credit bureau, as this will help detecting any mistakes or discrepancies far easier. Mistakes on your credit report are far more common than you might realise; and by mistakes we are referring to incorrect dates, amounts, transactions, even judgments or defaults.


personal credit report from a credit bureau will reflect your whole credit history, and will put you in a position to see exactly what it is that your lenders have the privilege of seeing. Often, we are simply too afraid to face the facts when it comes to the adverse information a credit bureau may hold on us. However the facts are there and will confront us somewhere down the line. It is best to be honest with ourselves and see what it is that the credit bureau has on you!

The leading credit bureaus we use are:

  • TransUnion Credit Bureau (ITC Credit Bureau)
  • Experian Credit Bureau
  • XDS Credit Bureau

Be smart and one step ahead; this way you will be in a strong position when you apply for credit. The credit bureau will be able to assist in giving you your own personal report, and the rest is up to you. If you have a low credit score from the credit bureau there are definite ways and means by which to improve and to sort this out.

Little steps to make giant strides are the secret recipe for successful credit scoring. Get a 3 in 1 credit report today from Kudough with either information from one credit bureau or a comprehensive report from all three credit bureaus.

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