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What are the three major credit bureaus

what are the three major credit bureaus

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America has been facing financial difficulties in the past several years. The reason for the financial woes can be attributed mostly to debt. Debt can arise from many different areas such as mortgage loans, student loans and credit cards. Credit cards have for years been a way for people to buy misc. goods and/or services [. ]

At the best of times we have trouble keeping our credit scores within an acceptable range, but with the current debt crisis it is almost impossible. Although the debt crisis is called by a number of different names such as a recession or an economic downturn, the bottom line is still the same. Most of [. ]

A strategic delinquency occurs when a homeowner purposefully allows their mortgage payments to become 60 days late, usually shortly after property price drops eliminate much of their equity while they’re attempting to keep other debts repaid. In other words, as homeowners continue to lose equity in their homes because of the dropping property prices, many [. ]

Credit reports are requested by prospective lenders, credit card companies, and even employers to determine the financial stability of applicants. Whether you’re trying to apply for a profitable job position, obtain financing for your dream home, start a new business endeavor, or simply apply for new credit card, you’ll need to ensure that your credit [. ]

If you have ever wondered why you don’t seem to be able to stay on top of your bills, a recent report issued by the New York Times can answer that question quite easily. You are probably earning at least 6.7% less than you were during the height of what is being called the Great [.


Recent reports indicate that more than 50% of cardholders are now paying penalty interest rates on their card balance. When the interest rate applied to a credit card balance or certain transaction types is suddenly raised this is called repricing. Sadly, the majority of cardholders that are dealing with credit card repricing are not even [. ]

Repaying multiple credit card debts or loans can be a hassle for anyone that is not a professional accountant, but many tend to underestimate the challenges associated with balancing ongoing monthly bills and several debts that are accumulating interest at increasingly high rate. Because most cardholders are subjected to penalty interest rates after a late [. ]

After incurring a significant amount of debt and successfully repaying all of your credit card balances, it can be easy to make the decision to close the accounts in order to avoid future temptation to create new debt. However, closing a credit card account may not always be the best course of action. In fact, [. ]

One of the reasons why we are urged to monitor our credit reports is because of the huge amount of credit card fraud that has been plaguing consumers around the world. Recent research has indicated that banks are among the easiest to infiltrate simply because their automated tellers on the phone require so little information [. ]

Although the process of being approved for a loan varies depending on the lender and their specific credit requirements, most lenders and financial institutions follow the same basic methods to determine the creditworthiness and borrowing eligibility of an applicant. Unfortunately, simply being denied for several loans consecutively can subsequently decrease your chances of obtaining approval [. ]

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