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On my own and unsure what or if i can claim for any benefits!

what benefits can i claim for

Anon (8564) said: 03-11-10 08:44

On my own and unsure what or if i can claim for any benefits!

can some-one please help!

It's a long story, but basically my children were taken into care in Jan of this yr, my son had an unexplained fracture. it took months but the truth came out, and it was my husband who hurt him, the end result is i asked him to leave, not only had he hurt my son but had lied to me and every-one else. the children are returning to my care within the next week or so

my problem is now that i can not work. i was a registered child minder, i had to stop because of the care proceedings, and i'm unsure if i could return to this type of work, and obviously spending

almost a year without my children means i don't want them to be left with anyone while i work,

i've never claimed any type of benefit, other than the standard child benefit,

i am now a single mum with no form of income, my husband has said the children and i can still remin in the family home which is owned by him,

could i claim for any form of benefit which would help me support the children? like income support, or housing benefits? i'm unsure how i can support the children finantually to pay all the bills and or mortgage and don't know what to do, ive asked the children's social worker but she was useless to say the least! i don't want the children to have to move into a council place when they have their home here.

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