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What benefits can i claim when i have a baby

what benefits can i claim when i have a baby


Best Answer: Boy I don't normally get a little upset, but you know my wife worked right up until she had our baby (she's a teacher) and is now back at work after giving birth. Of course it's worth your while going back to work, if you really want to claim the benefits then here's the link but come on honey don't be a statistic for lazy people who scrounge off the state get out there and make something of your life. Believe me when I say it's a downward spiral on benefits you'll just get more and more depressed could you cope with the stigmas that come with it?

When you have your baby, you can claim:

Child Benefit

Child Tax Credits

Child Trust Fund Voucher

Whilst most people regard these as 'benefits' technically they are not the same, every child is entitled to child benefit, and a majority of families (nine out of ten) can claim child tax credits while their child is under one. The voucher is put

into an account that cannot be accessed until the child is eighteen, I think.

There is also a possibility if you have not already claimed it, and your child is under three months old, that you could claim the Sure Start Maternity Grant once you sort out Child Tax Credits, which is one of the prerequisite conditions of claiming.

Because your partner is working, and seems to be on a fairly low wage, he may be able to claim Working Tax Credits.

You may also be able to claim partial Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit. It is worth going along to your local council and applying just to be sure.

The best place to go for advice regarding your entitlements is the Citizens Advice Bureau, they will organise an appointment and go through your finances and let you know what you should apply for and a rough estimate at what you should get. You can find your local office on their website.

Source(s): Single, disabled parent on benefits.

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