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Thread: what can i claim whilst on ssp

what benefits can i claim whilst pregnant

what can i claim whilst on ssp

HI just after some advice really I live with husband and 3 kids, ds 8, dd 5 and dd2.

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Hello Nicola,

I'm sorry to read you're off work and need to have an op . When will your SSP end? You may be eligible to claim Employment and Support Allowance after that. but this depends on income and/or the contributions you've paid in to the system. I expect that is a vague and confusing answer! The system is very complex though. There is more info about ESA here: Employment and Support Allowance

Are there any cut backs you can make in the short term? The usual ones mentioned on here are sky, phone contracts etc.

Are you

able to take a 'payment holiday' on your mortgage? Some mortgages have this factored in. Do also check if any of the insurances you have on your mortgage will come into action given your current situation.

If you had business insurance on your car and are no longer using the car for work, you may be entitled to a discount (though do check it's not less than the sum of the 'admin fee' that many insurers charge).

We do have some great tips on our budgeting board: Money Saving, Budgeting & Bargains

There is also a budgeting advice page here: Budgeting tips for parents - Netmums

Sorry I can't be of more use. I hope you're able to find a way to get through this without running up debts

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