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Thread: How to change iTunes account from South Africa to US without a credit card

how do i change my credit card on itunes

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How to change iTunes account from South Africa to US without a credit card

Hey guys, so as the title states is this possible? Well according to many forum users and apple support no it is not. You have to register a US credit card to change your South African Apple ID to a US one. Well I made the mistake to change from my US account to South Africa to try something and found I could not change back to the US one as the "None" payment option was no longer available. All my apps are on my US account and thus I cannot update or use in app purchases anymore. Well I found a way to change your ID to the US stroe without the need of a credit card, maybe this will help some guys out here who want to achieve something similar:

1. Fire up your iTunes Desktop Application

2. On the top navigation bar select "Store" and select "Sign In". If your are signed in ignore this.

3. Now head right to the bottom and in the links to the right select "Account".

4. Under your account click on your region.

5. Click on "Change Region"

--- It will go through some pages about policy and look as if you are creating a new account. Now this page will have all the information as if a new account. CC details and options, Redeem a Voucher, Billing Details.

6. Head over to and get yourself an iTunes voucher for whatever amount. You could use any if the other good stores for vouchers, I just chose evopoints because I have used them in the past.

7. Once you have a voucher head over to and get a US address. The important parts are just the street, state

and zip code. The name and surname can be anything as well as the phone number as long as it follows the right pattern with a valid area code.



As per clasqm's suggestion and addendum these are some states that don't charge sales tax:

1. Alaska

2. Delaware

3. Montana

4. New Hampshire

5. Oregon


8. Fill in all these details.

9. Pop in your newly purchased voucher number and leave the credit card details blank.

10. Hit Continue

11. On the next page(on mine there was another page) select None as your normal payment method. Click on Continue.

12. That's it, your store will now Change over to the US store.

Some notes:

When you enter the voucher code in the payment method it does not get redeemed automatically. Just hit redeem in the app store and enter it again.

AFAIK you cannot sync apps that are only available in the SA store on a US account, but if they are available they should sync up, as it's the same Apple ID. I have not tested this but I will try.

So after many weeks of searching for a solution because I didn't want to lose my game scores and apps that aren't available on the SA store I found this method after playing with almost everything in the iTunes settings. I hope it helps someone who has the same or similar issue that I did.

P.S another workaround is to change the Store to Kenya and use your SA Credit Card for purchases, but this has been covered in many posts.

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