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What child tax credits am i entitled to

what child tax credits am i entitled to


Best Answer: This depends on whether you are talking about child tax or working tax credit. If you are claiming IS you should also be receiving Child Tax Credit, Child Benefit and with those, the milk and medical assistance. You may receive Housing Benefit if you are renting (if the landlord accepts it) and also Council Tax Benefit. Speak to your local housing office (at your local council) who would be able to advise you.

You should also ask your local council if there are any subsidised travel schemes in the area as in some places you can get half price fares (off peak) for local buses if you are on IS. If your child is 3 or 4 you can also get up to 5 Early Years funded sessions (half a day) at nurseries.

If you are working and receive Working and Child Tax Credit, depending on your income you may still be eligible for housing and council tax benefit. You will still be able

to get the Early Years Funding for childcare but may not be able to get help with travel.

I do agree with Sam though, if you are not working, whilst you are able to claim IS as a single mum this is your best opportunity to gain additional qualifications to get back into the workforce when your child is older. You could get help with course costs (kit, uniform etc if they're needed) and maybe even any childcare costs you would have when going to college. Even if you are working, if you are in receipt of the maximum working tax credit award you could do a part-time course and have part of the fees waived. Speak to your local college or Learn Direct for more info.

If you're recently disabled you should speak to Citizens Advice to see if you are entitled to Incapacity Benefit or Disability Living Allowance if you have either mobility difficulties or have difficulties with personal care (washing, dressing or caring for yourself)

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