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What Bureau does Citibank Pull.

what credit bureau does citi use


Re: What Bureau does Citibank Pull.


Originally posted by sm691

Yikes! So they are penalizing you for having ballances that are too high and for not using your credit ENOUGH. YIKES! I think I will definately wait to apply till I get some inquiries to drop off and get some stuff paid off. THANKS!!



Sometimes Citibank's credit decisions seem arbitrary, and different reps are more or less helpful or not in explaining what the issues are. I had some of the obstacles that breeze reported, but I was approved for Citi cards twice. They want to see a 65% or less balance:limit ratio on each card. However, on my second application, I had 83% utilization on two cards, 44% on another, 50% on a third and 0% on the last. Both of the current installment loans I had were reported at 100% and 91% rspectively. My first application was even worse, as every card I had was >80% utilization.

When I was denied for these reasons (on the second app), I faxed them an updated report 3 months later showing 0 balances on two cards, and explaining that the one card which remained at 83% was Citi's

own card with which I was taking advantage of a BT. I also sent them a Cap One statement to show my true credit limit just in case my reported "high credit" didn't count with Citibank. For the two installment loans - I explained that both were refinances of earlier loans with much higher "high/original credits", showed that my current balances were below 65% of the originals and that I did not expect to be penalized for lowering my debt obligations by refinancing and all the more so, since these were "closed end" installment loans.

I got approved and got a great BT rate again. It's just a matter of making your case well. I'm happy.

I suggest that you apply for the silver AAdvantage card or Platinum Select card, and if you are denied, call 1-301-733-5501 and ask for a re-evaluation. The fax numbers for the credit dept. are 1-301-714-5958 and 1-301-790-4647.

If you get the AA card, convert it to a Platinum Select, which has much better terms and nice BT offers.

I personally believe Citi is very easy to work with if you state your case well for why you want the card.


Re: What Bureau does Citibank Pull.

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