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What credit bureau is the best

what credit bureau is the best

Which of the Three Credit Bureaus is the Best?

Posted By: Chase Sagum | November 23, 2012 | 0 Comment(s)

We’ve all asked ourselves at one point or another, “which of the three credit bureaus is the best and which of the three reporting agencies will help with  credit repair ?” Everyone who asks this question is looking for the magic answer, but there really isn’t a magic bullet. There are three main credit reporting agencies, Experian. Equifax. and TransUnion .

To look at this question of who is the best agency, you first need to decide what your objective is. What are you hoping to accomplish with your credit report? Are you looking for credit repair?  Each reporting agency will have different information about you and your credit history. Most mortgage companies prefer Experian. Most companies should look at all three of your scores and most generally will take your middle score and use that.

Before you proceed you need to go to and pick up a copy of all three of your credit reports.  This is a free service that you are able to utilize once a year.  This will give you a starting point, a place to gather initial information about what others will see when they pull your credit.

Take a look at all three reports. Look through them for any obvious misinformation about your credit. Look through them again for all of the things that are correct and consistent throughout

all three. Keep a running list of things you see that are false. Make notes of which agency is reporting the misinformation.

Once you have done this part of your homework you can move on towards your credit repair. We all know how important good credit is and how it can be crucial for your future in many ways. Lets face it, insurance agencies check your credit now and will base your insurance premium on what your credit score is.

This doesn’t seem fair because credit reports aren’t always correct. That is why it is so important to get your free annual credit report and go through it and take the effort to get your credit repaired.  Back to the question of which credit bureau is the best?

The best credit bureau for you may be different than it is for someone else. Therefore to find which reporting agency works best for you, you will take the information you have gathered from your homework done while looking through all three of your credit reports. Take a look at which agency reports the most accurately. Which of the three agencies gives the most usable information about you and your credit history .

Credit repair is important and finding the best credit reporting bureau is just as important. The answer to the question is simply this, you must decide for yourself which credit bureau is best. This is a very individual and personalized decision to make.

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