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ARA: How do I change my name after getting married?

how do i change my name on credit cards

I know you just went through this yourself but I need to change my name over now that we are back from the honeymoon. Any idea’s or tips to make it less stressful- I actually don’t even know where to start!!

Start at the social security office, because you need that for just about everything else. They open officially at 9 a.m. but the doors open officially at 8:30 a.m. Get there then, because the office fills up with people arguing about their benefits and a whole host of other things and you will wait forever. Make sure you have your marriage license with you and your old social security card. You will need to fill out a form when you get there. The gun-toting security guard will show you which one.

I suggest bringing your own pen.

Next, go to the DMV. You need your marriage license here, too (they give it back to you). I recommend the one in Clifton Park (in the mall). A reader suggested I go there because it’s much less hectic, and she was right. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes — and that was at lunch time when the line was out the door.

Next up

are your credit cards. My Mastercard, Banana Republic and Discover Card all allowed me to change over the phone. Neiman Marcus would not (they wanted faxes and the like), so I just kept my maiden name on there. I mean, you’re a department store, not the national security department.

Also, at work you need to change your name on your 401K, health insurance, paycheck, retirement, etc. Human resources will take care of all this (at least they did for me).

If you own a house, you need to change your name on the deed, and with your mortgage company. You need to go to the Albany County offices (down near Westgate Plaza) for the forms. This is a major nuisance if you are also trying to sell your house (raises hand). Also, this is the only office I dealt with where the people were less-than-pleasant.

Then there are the various doctors offices. None would let me change over the phone. Instead, my dentist, eye doc, OB/GYN, etc. just changed my name when it was time for me to go in for my appointment. They needed my insurance card and my license.

As for your mail/catalog companies, I wouldn’t worry about that. Eventually it will catch up.

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