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What credit card starts with 5466

what credit card starts with 5466


Help with credit card number starting with 55

Apr 11, 2008 01:17 PM | newtoaspnet2008 | LINK

Hello Everyone,

i have a strange problem, for some reason if a user enters a mastercard starting with 55 it always says "invalid card". but if we use in regular store or even in credit processing machines it works fine.


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Re: Help with credit card number starting with 55

Re: Help with credit card number starting with 55


Re: Help with credit card number starting with 55

Apr 11, 2008 02:43 PM | mcmcomasp | LINK

if its an assembly (in a .dll file) then you need source code before you can change it otherwise you will have to dis-assemble it and thats a big mess. If the guy who worked there built that assembly the source code should be somewhere around there. i mean technically its the companies source code so look around the network for (presumably "Billing.cs") if Billing is the class name most likely its the name of the CSharp file (or if its a project look for "Billing.vb")

Anyways long story short. Once you get the source code you can create a project (i suggest making a whole new project and leaving a copy of the original

one safe somewhere) re import all the code files into the project and work on getting a "working" project going on your dev machine. This will ensure that you can compile a new copy of hte app if needed (or just that assembly but it will be hard to test the assembly without the application that calls it)

your probably on the right track with the "Validate card" method. It probably has some set of rules thats making MC cards fail, but searchign for it is kind of pointless now until you can get the source files (whats the point of knowing the problem if you cant change it.)

if you CANNOT Find the source files (and i mean go around ask your boss its important) you can get .NET Reflector for free from the web. it will disassemble .dll files and produce the code thats in them. only problem with it is it takes a while to copy the code into new files (if you have a lot - the export function never worked as i really wanted it to) and you lose any comments, so most likely the old developer put comments that may make it quite easy to find what the error is. But comments do not get compiled into the .dll so looking for the source code is definately importat.

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