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1. How do I buy tickets?

There are 5 Ways to Buy Tickets for upcoming shows at The Orange Peel; online ; by visiting The Orange Peel Box Office. hours are Wed.- Sat. 12:00 noon – 5:30 pm; by phone – 1-800-514-ETIX (3849); by visiting Harvest Records in West Asheville (415 Haywood Rd.); or by visiting the Aloft Hotel in Downtown Asheville (51 Biltmore Ave. – Open 24/7)

2. When is your box office open?

Box Office Hours: (Wed.-Fri. 12:00pm-5:30pm EST and 30 minutes before doors)

*For shows which fall on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday, our box office opens at 4pm.*

Tickets can also be purchased at Harvest Records in West Asheville (415 Haywood Rd) or Aloft Hotel  in Downtown Asheville (51 Biltmore Ave – Open 24/7).

3. What’s the difference between Will Call and Print at Home?

When ordering your tickets online or over the phone you can request to pick your tickets up at the club (will call) or have them send you an email with tickets that you can download and print at home. To pick up your will-call tickets, bring your ID to the box office the night of the show or anytime during box office hours to collect your tickets. If you order Print-at-home tickets, you can download and print your tickets from the Etix confirmation sent to your email. You can avoid waiting in line twice (at the box office and in the entry line) by selecting print-at-home.

4. What’s up with the $1 service fee at the box office and/or the fees online?

Most (if not all) of the ticket money goes to the bands, which have high overhead/travel costs of their own. The service fee covers part of the overhead costs involved in staffing and running a box office four afternoons a week and every show night. It is intended to help cover the costs of labor, ticket stock, ticketing software fees, credit card fees, phone charges, box office equipment, etc. We make every effort to keep this service charge as low as possible.

The Orange Peel has asked for the most competitive offer from many ticketing companies to achieve the best ticketing system with the lowest service charges. We find our convenience fees with Etix to be some of the lowest in the country and significantly lower than their major competitors such as Ticketmaster.

The truth is we have to find a balance between a legitimate, proven ticketing company with a strong online operating system, the ability to do print-at-home and scanner systems plus a box office system that all works together.

Etix is a business, and the fees they charge are their only source of revenue to provide you and the Peel the above services.

5. Someone else is buying me tickets on-line, how can I pick them up at Will-Call?

If you are picking up someone else’s tickets, this is what you will need in order to pick them up:

  • A photocopy of the original purchaser’s picture ID
  • The last 4 digits of the credit card used to purchase the tickets
  • The purchaser’s signature verifying that you may pick up their tickets, for example, “(Your name) has my permission to pick up my tickets.”

Preferably you should have all of this on the same page. And DON’T forget to bring your own ID!

6. I’m worried the show will sell out; can you reserve me a ticket now and I’ll pay for it later?

Our ticketing system is set up to allow advance purchase of tickets at our box office. You may purchase tickets online or by phone with an additional surcharge. We are unable to “hold” tickets unless you purchase them first and leave them at will-call.

7. I’m supposed to be on the guest list…

If you are supposed to be on a guest list, be sure you know the name of the person who has put you on the list. It is also a good idea to confirm with that person that you are on the list 24 hours before the show. Valid ID is always required at The Orange Peel, and it is essential when you are picking up tickets at Will-Call or from the Guest list. We are not responsible for mistakes made by band members, radio stations, or other promotional groups, although we will follow up on guest list questions to the best of our ability. The guest list is almost always at the box office window half an hour before doors open.

8. The show is sold out, will you be releasing any tickets?

No. Some places do this. We don’t.

9. I am buying a ticket to your show from someone else, how do I know that they did not just Xerox the print at home ticket?

You do not. Do not purchase print at home tickets from someone you do not know. ALL tickets are scanned at the door and a photocopied ticket will not gain you admittance to the venue. Buyer Beware! Each barcode will only scan once – once it’s been scanned by our door guys, it won’t work again, so be careful!

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