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Back in October of 2010 I started a thread on Flyertalk in the credit cards forum called Credit Pulls Database. where individuals could input who pulled their credit for new card applications.  It is important information for those applying for credit cards.  If possible when applying for multiple card, spread your applications between the various card issuers, and the three credit reporting agencies as well.  In some states it is just not possible to use all three agencies as they seem concentrated and all using the same agency.  South Carolina, at least in the Hilton Head area, uses primarily Experian.  My old hometown of Traverse City, Michigan was an Equifax area.  When I kept both addresses I could apply using the address with the least inquiries and keep things evened out.  Now that I sold my home in Michigan and live almost full time in the South, I’m loading up on Experian inquiries.

So the question becomes, where is the next real estate boom caused by diversified credit pulls?  The answer is Newport, Kentucky  where bearcat74 reports in post number 94 of the database thread the following results:

Credit Agency: Experian  Result: Approved Instantly

Card Issuer: Chase:  Priority Club Select Visa Signature

City and State: Newport, KY

Inquiry Date 1/24/2012

Credit Agency: Equifax  Result: Approved Instantly

Card Issuer: Barclays:  US

Airways Premier World MC

City and State: Newport, KY

Inquiry Date 2/1/2012

Credit Agency: Transunion Result: Approved Instantly

That is the Mona Lisa of credit pulls info.  I am so jealous and yet so happy for bearcat74.   If that continues it will be years before he/she gets to 18, 19 or 20 credit pulls on any one agency.

Are there any other locations that pull so equally from all three agencies, or are we all chipping in on an apartment in Newport, Kentucky ?

If you have a minute, provide your credit pulls into to the  Flyertalk thread and be sure to let us know in the comments here if you live in a “Pulling Paradise” 

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