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Finding An Estate Agent That Doesn’t Do Credit Checks

what credit checks do estate agents do

This question is from Zoopla user louisehanna and asks about finding an estate agent that doesn’t do any credit checks.

Where do I find an estate agency that doesn’t do credit checks as I’ve been and emailed everyone that I know of and all I’ve got back is ‘we don’t accept housing benefit and you have to have credit checks’.

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Video Transcription

I’m guessing that you worry that you’ve got adverse credit history and you don’t want to use an agent who might find out about it.

I’m afraid the short answer is really that any agent, certainly any decent agent, is going to protect their landlord by carrying out all of the relevant checks and they

can do that by checking your credit file. What I suggest is that you take out an Experian trial, or similar company.

You can get a 30 day free trial to check your own credit and it is possible as well, to fix your credit or certainly improve the score.

So it might be that, for example, just going on the voters roll, if you’re not already, would really have a positive impact on it.

Other than that I’m afraid if you really are worried about it and you want to avoid and agent all together you check the small ads in your local newspaper or shop window, news agent windows and that kind of thing, and you might then find a landlord whose prepared to let to you directly without carrying out those kinds of checks.

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