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What Credit Score Do I Need To Refinance My Mortgage?

what credit score do i need to refinance

Re-mortgaging is something that you should do regularly to make sure you are always getting the best deal possible, but unfortunately it does require you to make new applications and credit checks are inevitable.

So if you don’t have great credit file you might be a little nervous…

The question is when did your bad credit happen?

Presumably your credit is bad for some reason, maybe you have been through some hard times recently or maybe you did something more serious. Whatever it was, if it happened before you got your last mortgage then chances are good that you will have no problems refinancing.

However, if the difficulties were more recent and your credit now is worse than it was when you were accepted for your current mortgage that could limit your options.

The answer to the question is that it depends…

There is no set score to be accepted for a mortgage, each lender will have their own criteria. Fortunately if you already have a mortgage your chances are better than if you were applying for your first one.

It’s not all about the score

Lenders will look at more than just the score given and the fact that you have had a mortgage for the last few years will be beneficial. If your mortgage payments are currently up to date lenders may well be able to look past a series of store card mishaps or late payments.

View your credit report and get a clear picture of your financial information completely free for 30 days.

Of course the best options available will require better credit, so you may have to shop around, but having bad credit certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t refinance.

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