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What credit score do you need for a home loan

what credit score do you need for a home loan

Home Depot Card Credit Requirements

CitiBank is the issuer of the lines of credit given by the Home Depot. In recent years, due to the economic crisis, the credit score for a Home Depot card has raised. In order to qualify, you must have at least “fair” credit. A “fair” credit score generally means a FICO, or overall credit score of 640-689. This does not mean that if you have a credit score in this range that you will automatically qualify, recent negative judgments on your credit report can cause you to be declined, even with a fair credit score.

Citi generally looks for those who have a credit score of at least 670 or above. FICO scores or your credit score from the credit scoring agency Experian are the most common credit scores looked at to determine whether or not you qualify for a Home Depot credit card. Those with credit scores in the mid-600s may still qualify, but are likely to be given much smaller lines of credit

at a higher interest rate. Those with excellent credit, with scores in the 700s, are likely to get the best terms on a line of credit like this. They will qualify for higher lines of credit at lower interest rates than their counterparts with fair credit.

Those with fair to excellent credit are most likely to qualify for a credit card from the Home Depot. While it is generally recommended that your FICO score be at least 670, it is possible for those with lower credit scores to qualify for small lines of credit. Those with credit scores in the 700s are more likely to qualify for a line of credit that would be adequate to making repairs or renovations on a home. Be sure that you know your credit score before applying for this, or any line of credit. This will make it much less likely that you will be declined and that you only apply if you have a chance of qualifying for a quality line of credit.

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