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What credit score is needed for a credit card

what credit score is needed for a credit card

What Credit Score is Needed for a Meijer Credit Card?

February 3rd, 2014 | Author: Megan Eisenhower

[M]eijer was once a grocery store, but today the company has expanded to sell much more than groceries. Consumers can still buy food items from the store along with furniture, clothing, jewelry, toys, and much more. They can also apply for a Meijer credit card to pay for those purchases. This is a Meijer MasterCard .

The Meijer MasterCard is issued by GE Bank. It is a rewards card that allows you to earn points through your purchases. These points then can be redeemed for coupons good on merchandise. You can get up to 15% off general merchandise and clothing. Plus, you can enjoy another 5% off grocery items and beauty and health care. You’ll also get $0.5 per gallon of gas at participating gas stations.

If you do not qualify for the Meijer MasterCard, you can apply for the Meijer Credit Card. It can be used at any Meijer store or to buy online. There is no annual fee for either card. The interest rate for the

Meijer MasterCard is between 19.99% and 23.99% based on your creditworthiness. The Meijer Credit Card carries an interest rate of 26.99%. You have a grace period of at least 23 days before interest is charged to pay off your balance.

The credit issuer will check your credit report before approving you. If you have a score in the mid to upper 600’s, you have a good chance of being approved. People with lower scores may also be approved for the Meijer MasterCard or the Meijer Credit Card. The issuer looks at more than just your score. They also review your credit history to see if you have any late payments or delinquencies. This is a good rewards card if you want to rebuild your credit. Be aware that the high interest will add to the length of time it takes to pay off the balance if you only make the minimum payment each month. It is advised that you try to pay off as much as possible to reduce the interest charged. A low balance also improves your credit score and shows that you can handle credit responsibly.

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