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What credit score to get a credit card

what credit score to get a credit card

What Credit Score Do I Need to Get a Delta Credit Card?

December 6th, 2013 | Author: Megan Eisenhower

[I]f you are looking at a Delta Credit Card, you will have several options to choose from. They offer Gold, Platinum and Reserve cards for the Delta SkyMiles Credit Card. The one you qualify for will depend on your credit history, but all of them offer special perks for members.

Delta gives its card members special benefits such as priority boarding on flights. Plus, the first checked bag incurs no charges. They also get up to 20% savings for in-flight purchases such as food, beverages, movies and other amenities. In addition to the savings you enjoy, you also earn miles on all purchases with your card. Those miles double when you buy tickets, snacks, and other Delta purchases with the card.

The Delta Credit Card is issued in conjunction with American Express. Each level has its own requirements and advantages. For instance, the Gold Delta Credit Card has no annual fee for the first year, then a charge of $95 annually afterwards. The Platinum Card carries an annual fee of $150 while the Reserve Card charges $450 each

year. If you travel a lot, the Reserve card may be the best choice since it offers the most rewards and other benefits such as the chance to upgrade and the ability to enjoy free concierge service.

The Delta Credit Card is an ideal choice for anyone who enjoys traveling for pleasure or has to travel for business. However, you will need a good to great credit score to qualify for any of the three card choices. Generally, you will need at least a 700 credit score though one as low as 656 may be approved if you show sufficient income and meet other requirements. The APR varies between 15.24% and 19.24%.

This Delta American Express Credit Card is a great option if you are looking for a rewards card to help you earn more miles. It also offers a lower APR to reduce the amount of interest you pay on purchases. However, it is still important to keep your balance to no more than 30% of your limit and pay it off as soon as you can to avoid paying too much in interest. Use it a lot and you could end up traveling almost for free.

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