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What do employers look for in a credit check

what do employers look for in a credit check


Best Answer: Most employers don't do a credit check but many people think they do because they don't actually read the release they signed when a background check was done for their job.

Background checks and credit checks are both covered by the same law the "Fair Credit Reporting Act" and as such you must sign a release and the release has the same disclaimer as a credit check does.

Many of the employers who do credit checks as a part of an employment screen have nothing to do with finances, a credit check is not used to see a credit score but rather to see the applicants spending habits, propensity to live beyond their means, budgeting and long term goal planning, commitment and reliability. All of these things are factors in the type of employee someone will


When a background check is done the employer must provide you a copy if you request it


If they intend to make a derogatory decision based on the report they MUST give you a copy and allow you to dispute the findings prior to that decision being made.

MOST background checks use public records for the name, aliases, address, former address, driver’s license/ID number and social security number that are provided on the release form. They will look for convictions, settlements, judgements, social security number activity, state issued licensures and certifications, abuse registries etcetera. How much detail that is provided depends on the particular service that is used.

Some employers for some jobs actually use services that do interviews and on the ground inspections/investigations as well as fingerprint checks and more detailed criminal histories.

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