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What does a fha loan mean

what does a fha loan mean

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got our FHA appraisal back and all is good except a few water stains which we knew about due to poor Winterization (foreclosure property) However the seller (Fannie Mae) fixed these items and we had a full home inspection to confirm. however now FHA appraiser states

"Supplemental Addendum

Water stains were noted to be on ceiling in kitchen above bay window and in upstairs full bathroom around

vent. A roof inspection is required to determine if stains are due to roof failure. Water stains were also

noted on kitchen ceiling below second floor bathroom. Drywall repair was noted on laundry room ceiling

and wall in master bedroom and hallway adjacent to full bathroom. A qualified professional inspection is

required to determine if these water stains are due to roof failure or plumbing. Appraiser unable to

adequately observe roof during appointment because roof covered with snow. See Photo Addendum.

This appraisal is being made subject to an inspection of the subject's roof and plumbing

by a qualified

professional to determine if any repairs are necessary. The appraiser is making an extraordinary

assumption that no repairs are necessary. The use of this assumption may have an effect on the value

opinion if found to be incorrect.

The subject meets FHA/HUD minimum property requirements/standards set forth in handbooks 4150.2 and

4905.1 under the extraordinary assumption that no repairs are necessary or all required repairs are


Now when we had our home inspection they went in and looked at the roof and attic took pictures and all that so not sure what else they are requiring since the inspector came back with the roof was ok? the inspection was done prior to the appraisal. Do I have to get a separate roofing person now on top of that. or can I just use the inspection I got prior to the appraisal considering they are certified home inspectors in the state of ohio? As always any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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