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What Will a Short Sale Do to Your Credit Score?

what does a short sale do to your credit score

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What Effect Does a Short Sale have on my Credit?

Every short sale seller wants to know the answer to this question. Naturally, there is no straight forward answer, but hopefully I can shed some light on the topic. Without a doubt, the impact of a short sale on an individual’s overall credit is less severe than a foreclosure. With a foreclosure, a potential homeowner must wait 5 years to get a conventional mortgage. With a short sale, the waiting period is only two years. For FHA financing, an individual must wait three years to get mortgage financing after a foreclosure or a short sale (where they were in default at the time of the short sale). However, if the homeowner was current at the time of short sale there is no waiting period for a new FHA mortgage (as long as the homeowner can verify that he/she did take advantage of declining values or purchase a home at a reduced price of similar or superior quality). Most homeowners (90%) are delinquent when they start the short sale process, but this is very good news for those that are current and get a short sale approval.

The other related question that goes along with this is what does a short sale do to my credit score? For those 90% of the people that are delinquent when they apply for a short

sale, it’s really those mortgage lates and foreclosure action that end up adversely affecting the homeowner’s scores---not the short sale itself. If the mortgage is paid on time throughout the process and the short sale gets approved, then the credit report will simply show “Paid as Agreed, Settled for Less” (as long as the deficiency is forgiven). This by itself should only affect the credit score nominally. There are so many factors that go into a credit score (i.e. trade lines, trade history, balances, number of accounts, etc.) that there is no way to determine “how many points” will my score drop?

In summary, a short sale can affect a person’s ability to get financing in the future. However, it is a better alternative than a foreclosure---especially for those that have been able to maintain a clean mortgage history. With the thousands of homeowners who have already received short sales, and the countless numbers that will get them in the upcoming years, the parameters stated above are likely to change again.

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