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What Does Apartment Eviction Mean to Credit?

what does an eviction do to your credit

by Leigh Thompson

A previous eviction makes it difficult to get another apartment.

Your Credit Report

Your credit report shows accounts for which you took money on credit and repaid it over a specified time. Non-credit accounts like rent payments, evictions and utilities do not report on your credit report. In addition, eviction proceedings are public record but do not show up in the "Public Record" section of your credit report because it was not a credit account.


If the landlord evicts you and obtains a judgment for past due rent, that judgment appears in the "Public Record" section of your credit report. A judgment lowers your credit score and hinders your ability to get future credit or another apartment lease. The judgment stays on your credit report for seven

years from the date of entry. Once the landlord obtains a judgment, he can file for a wage garnishment to recover his money.

Tenant Screening Reports

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