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What does collateral damage mean

what does collateral damage mean

Subject: How does Collateral Damage work?

How does it work, if you have units with this ability on an enemy area with only an Installation or Base?

This is a variant I came up with:

Collateral Damage:

Workers: Workers that are on a Resource Card that is lost during the Regrouping Phase are not destroyed but returned to the Worker Pool. Only Collateral Damage can destroy workers in a Resource area.

Bases: Bases with more than 1 Defence Point (DP) need an equal amount of Collateral Damage to be destroyed during the Execution Phase. Once it loses 1DP, it is placed reversed on its other side, to show that damage has been done. For the Zerg Base Level 3 Hive, use the reverse side of the Base Level 1 Hatchery to represent its damaged state. Zerg structures left on their own regenerate one Defence Point at the end of each Regrouping Phase.

Installations: Installations selected are always placed in a friendly area on a planet, with their rules and effects permanent and ongoing until the Installation is destroyed. In other interpretations, they are "Place in your play area" Cards that can be nullified by their destruction.

Some Installations have more than 1 Defence Point (DP), which refers to their

ability to sustain how many Collateral Damages. Even if an Installation has a high number of Defence Points, it is always destroyed if there are any opposing units in its area during the first step of the Regrouping Phase. However, more than one Collateral Damage may be required during either Combat or if the opposing units with Collateral are Mobilised to that area, and there are no defenders. In Combat, the success of Collateral Damage only qualifies should the front-line unit survive the battle. For the case where the area Mobilised to has no defenders, each of the attacking unit with Collateral Damage takes away one Defence Point, expending a Combat Card with the unit represented on the Card detailing its ability to inflict Collateral Damage, and used in this way, it is discarded to the Discard Pile, forcing the Installation to be reversed to its other side. The only Installation or Base that has 3DP is the Level 3 Base of the Zerg, the Hive. In this case, use the reverse side of the Level 1 Base Hatchery, should the Hive Base be indeed reduced to just 1DP remaining. Note that Zerg structures regenerate and regain lost DP during the end of every Regrouping Phase, as long as there are no opposing units in its area.

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