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What does cost per credit hour mean in terms of college and tuition/cost?

what does cost per credit hour mean

Question: What does cost per credit hour mean in terms of college and tuition/cost? Is that separate from tuition or something? I'm sorry, I'm new to this thing and I have no clue what I'm doing yet.


for most colleges they have an assigned cost for a credit hour.

for instance, at a college here, one credit cost $61.40 so if you are in a class that is 3 credit hours, your cost will be $184.20 for that class (not including a text book that will prob run you from $40-200+)

tuition is the total cost of what it would be for you to go to school. if you lived on campus, it would include room and board, meal plans, lab fees, etc. it all pays for the higher ups paychecks. for years and years to

come. lol

you asked what a credit hour is: credit hour is strictly time-based references for measuring educational attainment used by American universities and colleges. Each course is usually three credit hours -- three class hours a week for four months. The credit-hour system allows the students to distribute the University and Faculty Requirements over the years of their study; it allows them to mix with students from previous and subsequent years; and it allows them to take a major and minor. If one fails a course, one will have to repeat this course alone if it is a compulsory course, or take a substitute course if it is an elective.

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