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Is there a listing of CPE activities that is accessible to pharmacists who are looking for CPE activities?

The Pharmacists' Learning Assistance Network (P.L.A.N. ® ) is an information service developed by ACPE to allow pharmacists to access information on continuing pharmacy. To access this service or for more information please click here.

Does ACPE accredit individual CPE activities?

No, ACPE does not accredit individual CPE activities. ACPE accredits organizations to plan and conduct CE activities. All providers must plan and conduct activities in accord with ACPE's Accreditation Standards for Continuing PharmacyEducation effective January 1, 2009. The twelve Standards consist of four sections: Content, Delivery, Assessment and Evaluation.

How does a pharmacist know if a CPE program will offer ACPE credit?

The Council's Policy on Reference to Accreditation indicates that whenever any reference to accredited provider status is made by an ACPE accredited provider in any form of communication or publicity (e.g. announcements, promotional materials, publications, etc.), it shall state only the following:

"(Name of provider) is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as a provider of continuing pharmacy education." The Council's official logo as it is shown here should be used in close conjunction with this statement.

I attended a conference that only offered CME credit. Can I also receive ACPE credit?

ACPE does not distribute statements of credit. In order to receive credit you need to contact the state board of pharmacy and ask if they approve CPE activities for renewal of licensure or do they accept CME credit. A list of the individual CPE requirements by state board may be found here .

I was reading a journal

article to obtain ACPE credit. The article has a statement that it is supported by a grant from a pharmaceutical manufacturer/commerical interest. Will my state board of pharmacy accept this for ACPE credit?

ACPE does not accredit pharmaceutical manufacturers/commercial interests as ACPE accredited providers of CPE. However pharmaceutical manufacturers/commercial interests may supply a grant to an ACPE accredited provider in support of a CPE activity. These types of activities are acceptable by state boards of pharmacy. CPE activities whereby the pharmaceutical manufacturers/commercial interests is responsible for the content of the CPE activity are not acceptable for ACPE credit.

What is the ACPE Universal Activity Number (UAN)?

A Universal Activity Number is an identification number which is assigned to each new continuing pharmacy education activity developed, or cosponsored, by an ACPE-accredited provider. This number is developed by appending to the ACPE provider identification number (e.g. 197), the cosponsor designation number (000 for no cosponsor, 999 for all cosponsors, the year of program development (e.g. 09), the sequential number of the program from among the new programs developed during that year (e.g. 001), and the format (L - Live offerings, H - Home study, B -Offerings that contain both live and home study) and topic designators (01 - Drug therapy related, 02 - AIDS therapy related, 03 - Law topics, 04 - General Pharmacy Topics, 05 - Patient Safety). Repeated actvities should use the same Universal Activity Number for a three-year period, although the cosponsor designation might vary.

Statements of Credit

I lost my ACPE statement of credit, can I receive another one?

Yes. You need to contact the ACPE-accredited provider who conducted the CPE activity and they should be able to provide you with a duplicate statement of credit. To assist you a list of accredited providers along with their contact information may be accessed here .

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