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What Does it Mean to Consolidate Student Loans?

what does it mean to consolidate your loans

Loans are almost inevitable for many people. If you ever want to buy a house, buy a brand new vehicle, or go to college or university, there is a good chance you will have to take out a loan. Going to college is a huge source of loans for people, especially for those going to a very expensive college.

When you get your tuition bill, the first thing you do is think about how you are going to pay for it. Do you get any financial aide? Do you have any scholarships that can help pay for it? Do you have any money saved from your job? Will your parents help pay for any of it? When all other sources of money are gone, you turn to loans.

Now that you have graduated from college, you probably have a wide variety of loans to pay off. The Stafford loan is a very common student government loan. It is offered in a subsidized or unsubsidized version. If you were lucky enough to get an unsubsidized Stafford loan, the government has been paying the interest for you throughout college. You may also have a Perkins loan, Graduate PLUS loan if you went to graduate school, personal loans, private loans, and credit card debt from cards you used to pay for tuition, buy books, or use throughout college. These add up to a lot of money that you owe. LoanConsolidation.Ed.Gov

After college, you either go to graduate school, get a job, or do

both. Most people can’t afford to continue to go to college full time, so they get a job and take graduate classes part time. If you get a well-paying job, that is great. You can quickly pay off your loans, save for a house, and get going with your life. If you decide to go for more professional schooling, such as medical school, dental school, or law school, you have several cheap living years ahead of you and more student loans to tack on. Usually this works out because you can make a lot of money with these careers soon after you graduate. LoanConsolidation.Ed.Gov

If you are unfortunate enough to get a low paying job out of college, as many are, you could be in a tight situation. Even with a degree, it’s hard to get a high paying job out of college. It will take years of experience, promotions, and raises to get to a comfortable income. The real problem is that most if the big expenses occur when you are young out of college. You need to pay off your loans and try to save.

If you have lots of loans and the payments are outrageous, you can soften the blow. Try to consolidate your student loans. If you have several government loans as well as private loans, you could consolidate them into one loan with a lower consistent interest rate and effectively lower your monthly payments. This could be a huge help when you are just starting out.

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