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What does loan maturity mean

what does loan maturity mean

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Maturity Means Full Development

Maturity is that state that we as humans reach when we have had significant life experience that brought us to the stage of being fully developed. В

We call fruit or vegetables ripe when they are ready to provide nourishment.В  В Fruit or vegetables are not nourishing when they are immature or unripe.В

Maturity is likened to the stage on the journey of life that we know from classical odysseys where the hero returns and shares the spoils of war with the community.В

In our case, we share our hard wrought wisdom with the community.

Mature People Bring Nourishment to Their Community

When we are mature we are beyond the stage of

immense possibilities, which characterizes youth.В

We have made choices that reflect our values, our commitments, our patterns of behavior and our efforts to achieve a settled state of personhood.В

When we are ripe we do not need to go on searching as if we were trying to find ourselves.В

We know who we are and what our lives are all about.В

When we are ripe we have absorbed the wisdom of our life and are available to bring such nourishment to others.

When we are ripe we have found our voice and we make it heard and felt through the force of the energies within us.

When we are ripe, we can be quiet and still and bring our gift of presence without being shrill. Return to Page Top

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