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What does my fico credit score mean

what does my fico credit score mean

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MS = that which shall not be named

Manufactured Spending

To further clarify, since manufactured spending is against the terms and conditions of many - if not all - credit cards, and is considered at best questionable and at worst unethical/dishonest/abuse (by some), our hosts, myFico, has asked that we not discuss it on this board.

I'm fairly sure defining it here is OK, but any discussion on how to actually do it can will cause you problems, up to and including being banned from the forums. This is why people refer to it as "that which shall not be named".

You may also find an occasional (legitimate/allowed) reference to it when folks discuss things that can get a credit card canceled, but that should be

the extent of what you hear of MS on this board.

Hope this helps.

(Mod/Anybody - please correct if I have anything wrong here)

It is advocating it which is not allowed, not really discussion. Obviously a bit of a fine line, because if I give lots of details of how I do it, and just end with "Oh, by the way I'm not suggesting that you should do this", that might still not fly!

Correct. Discussion of MS, while frowned upon by the community at-large, isn't in and of itself against TOS. Advocation of MS and "How-to" posts are definitely on the wrong side of the TOS tracks. My main issue from a Moderator standpoint is that MS advocation doesn't align with the purposes of this Forum.

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