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What does my transunion credit score mean

what does my transunion credit score mean

Subscriptions and Log in

Q What does my site subscription mean for me?

A Your site subscription gives you access to all the secure documents linked to the site’s pages. These documents are sources of technical codes and specifications to help optimize your online transaction processing.

Q I registered for the site but did not receive an email response. How do I get help?

A If you are having trouble with registration, call us at 800-813-5604 for assistance.

Q I tried to log in but got the “Login Failed” error message. How do I log in now?

A Verify that the user ID you typed in was the company email address that you registered with and that you typed it correctly. If you forgot your password or are

locked out after too many login attempts, click the “Password locked” or “Forgot password” link in the Login window. If you received an email with your user ID and password, do not copy and paste the password from the email when logging in. Type it exactly as it appears.

Input Guidelines

A To help ensure greater success in receiving a credit file, it is recommended that you always supply as much consumer-identifying data as possible:
    The minimum input requirements to request a credit file are First Name, Last Name, and Current Address (House Number, Street Name, City, State, and ZIP Code). Optional input consists of Middle Name, Maternal Name, Generational Suffix, Social Security Number, Birth Date, and Previous Address (House Number, Street Name, City, State, and ZIP Code).

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