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DOI: · Available from: Yasser Alhenawi. Sep 29, 2014

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Article: What Does the US REIT Market Have In Store for Non-conventional Investors? The Case of Shariah Compliance

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Alpha). Our work belongs to this strand of

literature, but we take a slightly different

stand. We model the behavior of a hypo-

thetical Muslim investor who likes to invest

What Does the US REIT

Market Have In Store for

Nonconventional Investors?

and EUROSIF, 2010). This article focuses

on the investment requirement of a unique

subgroup of SRI: Islam-compatible invest-


Despite a massive amount of literature

on SRI, the literature on Islamic finance is

still in its infancy—a void this study attempts

to fill.

The market for Shariah-compatible

investments is large and growing. Large

financial institutions now offer Islamic prod-

ucts and use Islamic market benchmarks (see

the following section for more details). Not

surprisingly, Islamic investment has gained

increasing academic attention recently (see

Ibrahim et al. [2009], Ibrahim and Ong

[2008], Hoepner et al. [2009], Lahsasna and

Hassan [2011], and Bialkowski et al. [2012]).

Most research in this domain compares the

performance of Shariah-compliant portfolios

with the performance of their conventional

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