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What Happens at a Mortgage Closing?

what happens at a mortgage closing

There are a few steps to complete before you sign on the dotted line.


As part of the closing process, you'll review several documents to make sure they're correct. According to Ginnie Mae--a government-backed corporation that invests in the mortgage market--you'll receive a settlement statement listing the various closing fees. The seller will provide you with proof the house has been inspected, and the lender will give you a Truth in Lending statement showing the costs of the mortgage.


Your lender will expect a certified check from you at the closing covering your share of the closing costs--the seller may pay some of them--and the down payment, Ginnie Mae states. Most lenders won't accept a regular check,

or will hold off on closing until it clears the bank. You will also have to bring proof that you have a homeowners insurance policy.



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