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CreditXpert Automated Credit Score Analysis

Credit Technologies, partnered with CreditXpert to provide the most advanced credit scoring analysis tools available. CreditXpert is a powerful suite of automated credit score analysis tools built into Credit Technologies systems that gives you the ability to analyze any credit report in seconds. Learn step-by-step how to increase your borrowers credit score, then use Score Express to process the updates in as little as 24 hours, permanently updating the file and creating an average credit score increase of 20+ points.

NEW - CreditXpert Credit Assure

Credit Assure™, automatically pre-scans every credit report and identifies opportunities to raise credit scores. Credit Assure does all the work for you automatically - You instantly know if opportunities exist to improve your borrower's credit scores Learn More about Credit Assure

CreditXpert - Credit Analyzer

The CreditXpert analyzer reviews all data contained in each repository and formulates an exact plan designed to reach the maximum credit score possible based on the specifics of your borrowers credit report. In seconds you will know how much score improvement is possible, and exactly what steps to take to reach your credit score goal. Sample Analyzer Report

CreditXpert "What if Simulator"

See how changes effect your borrower's score in real-time. The CreditXpert “What if Simulator” can predict the result of most any change to the credit score before recommending the borrower take any action. You’ll know the results before any rescoring is done.

    Add or delete tradelines from the file including determining future score values Reduce balances on revolving accounts Increase revolving credit card credit limit to improve ratios Change or delete delinquencies Transfer

    revolving balances Change the status of any tradeline (i.e. from collection to bankruptcy) Pay off accounts

Each of these actions impacts the score – but the amount depends on the dynamics of each individual file. CreditXpert provides an instant prediction of the changes to each repository (Experian, Trans Union and Equifax.) With CreditXpert, you'll know in seconds the results of any proposed change before making it. Sample What if Simulator Report

Maximize Referrals

Credit Technologies provides the tools and expertise to impress your borrowers and Realtors. Our integrated CreditXpert score analyzer will help increase your word of mouth business. CreditXpert generates a full color, easy to read report deigned to be provided directly to your clients that details the exact steps needed to obtain their credit score goals. Once your Realtors and builders see the tools you have to put their buyers in the best programs, you’ll gain more referrals.

An Instant Competitive Advantage – No Training Required

Credit Technologies combined with CreditXpert provides an instant competitive advantage, teaching your staff how credit scoring works and demonstrating to both your clients and referral sources that you provide cutting edge service and solutions to your mutual clients. The analyzer report is customized in your company name, produced in full color, and designed to be provided directly to your client.

Note: CreditXpert and credit rescoring solutions should not be confused with credit repair. Let us show you how CreditXpert can help you close more loans. Call us toll-free at 800.445.4922, we'll be happy to walk you through the CreditXpert process, features and demonstrate how our services can help you close more loans, in less time.

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