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What if i go over my credit limit

what if i go over my credit limit

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I just wanted to know if I spent more then my credit limit on one of my credit cards, but pay the bill in full and make multiple payments in a month, does that does that hurt my credit score? In total I have three credit cards, one with Citi $2000 limit, Orchard Bank $300, and a sears $250. So I have a total credit utilization of $2550. I mostly used my orchard bank card and I usually spent over my $300 credit limit but I make multiple payments in a month and pay in full. So my question is since I am only using one credit card to charge a balance more then my credit limit and making multiple payment and paying in full will that hurt my score?

Not really sure what you're saying.

Are you saying that you are running

your balance over the limit? If you pay it off before it reports, it won't hurt your FiCO scores, but your CCC might smack you around.

If you're saying that you charge $280 on a $300 card, and then pay it off, then $250, then pay it off, then $290, then pay it off, all within one billing cycle: the only thing that affects your scores is what is reported to the bureaus each month, which is generally the balance on your statement. Many people with low limit cards charge a total that is higher than the CL during the month, but they never go over the CL. They just make multiple payments instead.

You can do pretty much anything with your card as long as you pay it down or off before it reports, and it will only be that low figure that reports.

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