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How do i claim disability benefit

how do i claim disability benefit

How Do I Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits?

There are two ways to file a Social Security Disability Claim.

#1 Get Experienced Representation to Help You Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits - The vast majority of people that get approved for benefits at the various levels have the help of a professional Social Security advocate or attorney. Best of all, you can get this professional help with no out-of-pocket costs and completely on a contingency basis.

With representation you may:
  • Increase the likelihood of winning your case
  • Maximize benefits due (get the most money you can qualify for)
  • Save time and confusion
  • Have experienced representation file your appeals, if needed
  • Get your paperwork filed more quickly and accurately
  • Reduce chances of denial based on unexpected technicalities
  • Avoid fee payment unless you win
Fill out the short form below to receive a FREE no obligation evaluation by an experienced advocate or attorney.

#2 File Your Own Claim for Social Security Disability Benefits - Please be aware, statistics show that most people who apply for Social Security benefits are initially DENIED.

Filing your own claim requires that you complete all necessary paperwork, gather your medical documentation, communicate and follow-up with the SSA about your case, handle all legal correspondence, and attend court hearings and appeals without representation.

Regardless of the choice that you make in filing your claims, you will be required to present the same documentation and understand the filing process so that you can maximize your benefits. Below is information to help you understand the filing requirements.

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