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What is a beneficiary deed

what is a beneficiary deed

Missouri Beneficiary Deed

Missouri Beneficiary Deed TM

This Missouri Beneficiary Deed w ebsite has been created to provide Missouri homeowners and real estate owners with a simple and affordable method to avoid the probate process on their real property. Read further to learn more and click on the various links to be directed to that specific item of interest.

The Missouri Nonprobate Transfers Law (Chapter 461.025 of the Missouri Revised Statutes) allows an owner of real property located in the State of Missouri the ability to avoid the probate process on such real property by creating, signing and recording a special type of real estate deed known as a Beneficiary Deed.

A Missouri Beneficiary Deed is a real estate deed which transfers a deceased owner's interest in Missouri real property to the beneficiaries named in the deed thereby avoiding the probate process. A Missouri Beneficiary Deed must be properly filed/recorded (with the appropriate Recorder of Deeds Office where the real property is located) prior to the death of the Grantor, or the last to die of multiple Grantors, in order to be effective.

A Missouri Beneficiary D eed does not modify the owner's then current interest in the real property and it does not transfer such interest to the named beneficiaries until the owner's death or the

last to die of multiple owners. A Missouri Beneficiary Deed may be created and recorded by the owner even though there may be a loan securing such property and there is no requirement the lender be notified of such deed.

A Missouri Beneficiary Deed may be amended by the Grantor by filing/recording a new Beneficiary Deed or revoked by filing/recording a Revocation of Beneficiary Deed document. By law a Missouri Beneficiary Deed will terminate upon the sale of the real property by the owner.

This website is owned and maintained by Michael J. Denk, Attorney at Law and all Missouri Beneficiary Deeds are drafted by his law office. He has practiced law in the State of Missouri for over twenty-six years and presently maintains his office in West St. Louis County, Missouri.

This website offers you a simple and affordable method of creating a Missouri Beneficiary Deed for your home, farm or any other real estate you may own in the State of Missouri. Once you review the information provided on the next few pages you will realize how easy it is to avoid the probate process for the real estate you own in the State of Missouri. You may contact us with any questions or concerns by sending an email to: .

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