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What Is A CD Secured Loan

Certificate of deposit loans or CD secured loans use certificates of deposit as the collateral for a loan. CD loans provide can provide consumers with a fast and efficient funding option that carries a relatively low interest rate.

A number of banks and credit unions offer CD loans, but not all banks. The terms offered for these bank loans were vary dramatically between different financial institutions.

This type of loan is typically used by consumers who need funds but do not want to pay an early withdrawal penalty to liquidate their CD or because they have poor credit. Most banks that offer CD loans are not concerned about the borrower’s credit history for this type of loan since the bank holds collateral for the full value of the loan. These bank loans also have a low interest rate compared to an unsecured personal loan or credit card and the loan allows the savings to remain in place and accrue interest.

Certificate of deposit loans are usually established for short period of time. Most banks that offer CD loans require that the repayment period coincide with the maturity of the bank CD. A two year bank CD will have a maximum loan term of two years and so on. CD loans are also generally not greater than the amount of funds held in the CD. The depositor may be able take out a loan for up to 100 percent of the CD amount but not more.

The loan is secured by

the investment in the bank CD account which leads to an interest rate to the borrower that is lower than similar term loans. The interest rate on the CD loan is usually established as a margin above the CD rate paid by the bank. For instance, a quick review of MB Financials CD loans indicates that the bank charges 2.25% over the CD rate paid by the bank. Most of the time the CD continues to earn interest and the loan payments are made separately.

If the borrower defaults on the loan, the bank can seize the money invested in the CD. With many banks, the CD depositor can renew the CD to extend and refinance the loan.

When consumer borrow money with or without security, the process can normally involve several steps including having the bank obtain a credit report. With a CD loan, the bank or credit union already has the collateral, the certificate of deposit, in their possession which makes the loan application and approval process more streamlined and simplified.

Not every bank or credit union offers the CD loan option even if they offer CDs as investments or other savings options. Check with the bank or other financial institution before moving forward.

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