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What You Need to Know About the Tax Amnesty Program

what is a credit amnesty program

A provision in the FY15 Massachusetts state budget establishes a 60-day Tax Amnesty Program during the 2015 fiscal year for certain tax types.

What is this Tax Amnesty Program?

When you don’t pay your taxes in full when they are due, interest and a variety of penalties continue to be assessed until payment in full is received by the DOR. If you qualify for this tax amnesty and pay your taxes and interest in full, the Department will waive all associated penalties.

What are the Dates for the Tax Amnesty Program?

The tax amnesty will begin March 16, 2015 and end  May 15, 2015.

How Do I Participate?

Tax Amnesty Notices showing the tax and interest due, along with the penalties that may be waived, will be mailed in March to eligible taxpayers who qualify. If you pay the tax and interest shown on the bill on or before May 15, 2015, the Commonwealth will waive the unpaid penalties for the tax period. Please note that the amnesty only applies to assessments that were on the books on or before January 1, 2015.

What types of taxes are eligible?

Corporate excise (including financial institutions, insurance, public utilities, and banks), estate taxes, fiduciary income taxes and individual use tax on motor vehicles are included.

For a complete listing of all eligible taxes see TIR 15-2 .

How do I pay?  

There are

three convenient ways to pay the amnesty balance due. You can choose to pay the amnesty balance by credit card, personal check or online electronic payment from your checking or savings account using the DOR website.

When making a payment through any of these methods, you must provide the “bill number” listed in the upper right hand corner of your Tax Amnesty Notice.

1. On-line payment

A convenient way to pay is online through DOR’s website. You can make electronic payments directly from a checking or savings account. Click the Pay a Tax Bill link below and enter your Bill Number and Federal Identification Number.  

2. Pay by credit card

You may pay your amnesty balance using a third party credit card vendor. The vendor has been approved by the Commonwealth for this purpose and a convenience fee will apply. To access this payment option click on the Pay a Tax Bill link below and enter your Bill Number and either you’re Social Security Number or your Federal Identification Number.  

3. Pay by check

If you are paying by check, it’s very important that you attach the coupon provided on your Tax Amnesty Notice and your payment must be postmarked by May 15, 2015. Don’t miss the deadline by having your check returned because it was improperly completed. Your check must be made out to Commonwealth of Massachusetts and must be signed to be processed.

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