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What Is a Sort Code on a Credit Card?

what is a credit card code

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What Is a Sort Code on a Credit Card?

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A sort code on a credit card, or debit card, for example, can be quite confusing to someone who has never encountered one before. A sort code is not the same as an account number, nor is it unique to each individual cardholder. A sort code on a credit card is a series of numbers used to identify bank branches in the United Kingdom. Think of it as a numerically valued address. The sort code on a credit card is six numbers written in groups of two, such as 27-44-90. This number is used internally by the issuing bank in order to identify both the bank and the specific branch at which the account is


What does a Sort Code do?

The purpose of the sort code on a credit card or debit card is to facilitate money transfers between banks and/or bank branches. The sort code is similar in nature to the bank's routing number system found on accounts in the United States.

Where can I find my Sort Code?

The sort code on a Maestro or Switch card can be found embedded in the long account number on the front of the card. The first eight digits will most likely be your account number. The next six digits will generally be your sort code.

When will I need to use my Sort Code?

When making transactions in the United Kingdom, you will almost always need to provide both the account number on the card and the sort code of the bank. Remember, though, that the sort code is simply a representation of the address of the bank branch in which your account is held. This number is not permanent to your account. If you change bank branches, or are transferred internally, your sort code will change also to reflect the new bank branch's location.

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