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What is a credit card merchant

what is a credit card merchant

How does it work?

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You will talk with a friendly merchant account expert who knows the ins and out of online credit card processing.

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Our trusted network of acquiring banks allows us to find a solution for a wide range of e-commerce businesses.

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Once approved by an acquiring bank, we can have your website up and processing in 2-3 business days—with daily or weekly payouts.

How Online Credit Card Merchant Accounts Work

If you are a new merchant or you are considering accepting credit cards online for the first time, you may not understand how an online credit card merchant account works. The steps are simple and happen in matter of seconds.

  1. Your customer enters his credit card information into your website to purchase your goods or services.
  • When he submits the order, your website sends a transaction request from your server to the Instabill payment gateway .

    * Note: A payment gateway is an online application accessible from any Web browser with an Internet connection. It enables you to accept and process credit card transactions online the same way a POS terminal enables in-store merchant credit card processing.

  • Our payment gateway forwards your customer's transaction request to his credit card issuing bank. The issuing bank returns the results to both you and your customer.
    • If approved, the issuing bank will notify you and your customer as well as transfer the approved funds to your credit card merchant account.
    • If declined, the issuing bank will

      notify you and your customer, provide your customer with an explanation, and you will not receive any funds to your credit card merchant account.

    The final steps of the credit card merchant account process are settlement and payout. Once settled, your acquiring bank will send you the approved funds to the bank account of your choice. Alternatively, your acquiring bank may send Instabill the approved funds, which we will then send to you. Regardless of who sends you your payout, you will receive it on time, every time, based on the payout schedule provided by your acquiring bank.

    Credit Card Merchant Account Services with Instabill

    Instabill provides a wide range of credit card to business owners worldwide. We primarily work with e-commerce merchants, but we can also provide solutions to MOTO merchants through our virtual terminal and our domestic solutions provide retail merchant accounts and mobile merchant accounts to US businesses. With Instabill's other merchant services. you can also find SSL certificates for your website, get help reaching PCI compliance. and obtain an offshore company registrations for your business.

    Contact Us Today to Get Started

    Regardless of your business type, location, or risk factor, Instabill could have the credit card processing solutions you need. Credit card merchant accounts from Instabill are affordable and reliable, and will allow you to watch your business grow. If you are ready to apply for a merchant account with Instabill, simply click the button below to get started. If you have questions about the application process or any of our merchant services, you can contact us online or call 1-800-318-2713 to speak with a live representative today.

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